There are plenty of things that make your pet special. Maybe it is his boisterous greetings or the quirky way she tilts her head when you say her name. Perhaps it is the way he always seems to know when you need a hug. Regardless of what characteristics you would  list, one thing’s for certain – there is  no other animal quite like your pet.

At Cornerstone Veterinary Care, we want to get to know your pet on this same level. We want to learn about his or her unique personality, preferences, and needs. Only when we connect with our patients on a personal level can we truly provide the care they need and deserve. That’s what makes us so different. We genuinely care about our patients, and we are  pretty fond of their human friends as well!

Our individualized care is complemented by progressive medicine and comprehensive, think-outside-the-box treatment plans. We work hard to make every appointment count, focusing our time and attention where it matters most. We treat just about every creature there is, from dogs and cats to birds and small ruminants to reptiles and exotic companion mammal. Our favorite patient, however, is your pet!

Why not come in and see why we are the Irmo vet of choice? We will be waiting!

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